Introducing: Highlives


Image: PR

Bristolian pop-punks Highlives have been living up to their name recently, riding high from their debut EP Misguided Youth, which hit the digital shelves towards the end of last year to a wealth of positive feedback, not only from diehard locals but also from new fans up and down the country. Now they’re releasing the music video for the EP’s lead single, ‘Wake Me Up’, it’s about time you woke up and checked out Highlives!

The initial pop-punk bounce of ‘Wake Me Up’ is brought crashing back to earth with deep, husky vocals and heavy riffs that have some serious body to them, making for a track that can really hold its own. It’s an upbeat tune, of course, but the lyrics still sing of that familiar morning after feeling we all spent our teenage years waking up to; think regret, embarrassment and a banging headache.

Speaking of the awesome new single, vocalist Liam Edwards has said: “Loosely based around the process of a hangover, apathy, and other things associated with being young, it’s intended to be a fun, energetic song for people to relate to.

Reaching out to a younger- and often overlooked- generation, Highlives aren’t afraid to take the challenges of growing up head-on, with Misguided Youth often colliding themes of defiance, indifference, elation, confusion and anxiety. The highs and lows of youth are all thrown into Misguided Youth, capturing what it’s really like to be a kid on the outskirts of society.

You can find out more about Highlives by heading to their Facebook and Twitter pages, and you can check out Misguided Youth here.


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