Introducing: Muncie Girls


Image: PR

On the cusp of releasing their debut album this spring, we’re hoping that Muncie Girls are about to bring us a ray of sunshine after months of winter blues. This Exeter-based band have already lightened our lives a little with the most recent release of latest single ‘Balloon’, which has us all the more excited about what else is to come from this happy-go-lucky three-piece.

What’s in a name? Well, with ‘Balloon’, the name speaks for itself as we hear a light, breezy tune full of subtle bounce that is sure to make just about anyone smile. The song floats along in an adorable bubble of pleasantness; no matter what people might say, sometimes ‘nice’ is the perfect word to describe something that appeals to the senses in such a way and, with this track, that’s just the case. If you’re looking for raging, roaring rock ’n’ roll then move along, but if you’re more into easy-going, carefree, lying in the grass on a summer’s day enjoying the blue skies and sunshine, then ‘Balloon’ is made for you.

The announcement of debut album from Muncie Girls, From Caplan to Belsize, has everyone buzzing. Set for release in March, we’re all dying to know what this quirky bunch are going to pull out of the bag in just a couple of months’ time. From ‘70s inspired punk riffs to Californian pop-rock, Muncie Girls look ready to cover all bases and see you through the rest 2016 quite… nicely.


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