Pop-punk clichés we don’t want to take into 2016

So, Billie Joe Armstrong, you want to rid the world of pop-punk, do you?

Well, if it’s alright with you we’d like to hang onto our much-loved genre for a little longer, thanks. But we do agree that there are lots of little nuggets of cringe in pop-punk that if we see, hear or- God forbid- smell one more time we’re probably going to gouge our eyes/ears/nostrils out. Here are just five pop-punk clichés we’re more than happy to leave in 2015.

Stop putting pizza on everything.


Image: firebox.com

Pizza is a glorious, carb-based gift of melted cheese and rich tomato bliss, and anyone who says different is wrong. And sure, pop-punk kids love pizza, but doesn’t everyone? Are you saying that metalheads don’t binge eat an entire 12” deep dish when they’re sitting in on a Saturday night? Not ALL punk merchandise has to be ruined by a garish yellow-red triangle dripping distastefully from it, you know.


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