Review: Campfires – Campfires


Image: Album artwork

Soft, melodic punk is somewhat of a juxtaposition when it comes to describing a sound- can punk really be proposed as a gentle genre? Well, Scottish newbies Campfires say it sure as hell can be with their debut self-titled EP, Campfires.

You can feel the pop-rock glow of previous band Autumn in Disguise, the band from which three members of Campfires began their musical career, in opening track ‘Same Streets’, which flows with a familiar infectious groove through the chorus. However, the taste of nostalgic backward glances in this song suggest that Campfires are giving a nod to their past whilst moving on with their future as a brand new band.

When tracks such as ‘Pure Gold’ get going, they really get going. With a melody that picks up great rhythm and confident layered vocals, this is a song with bags of potential. This only continues with ‘Like a Cancer’, and Campfires seem to be on a roll with the cheeky-chappy charm of an early You Me At Six; boyish yet not to be taken lightly.

However, while there is potential in this EP, it could do with a few mild tweaks here and there. The production sometimes leaves the vocals trailing behind, making for some awkward empty space during a song or two. We want to hear fire, flare, a spark; instead, the record occasionally drags, which is a shame. Final track ‘Instrumental’ is a perfect example- light, pretty, but unfortunately unnecessary.

But hey, it’s only their first go so let’s not be too hard on them. It’s not a flawless debut (is there such a thing?!) but it’s clear from this EP that Campfires are a band with plenty more to give.

Campfires is released on 15th January.


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