Review: Petrol Girls – Some Thing


Image: Album artwork

Feminism. Scary, right? Only if you’re still picturing pushy preachers who refuse to shave their armpits. Feminism means equality, and people fight for that every day- and not just those old-fashioned bra-burners you’re imagining. Petrol Girls are a million miles away from the stereotype and still fighting the cause with their brand new EP Some Thing.

Refusing to let yet another important message slip through the net, Petrol Girls don’t give you the chance to ignore them with a punk rock assault that launches itself at you from the moment your finger hits Play. The shrill, harsh screams that snatch your attention are then contrasted by fierce but melodic vocals, and this chalk-and-cheese play-off is beautiful.

What really drives this EP is the sheer force behind it that allows each track to surge into a whirlwind of aggression, passion and intensity. ‘Slug’ is just dripping in determination, showing us that Petrol Girls are a force to be reckoned with, while ‘Protagonist’ uses dramatic breakdowns, ballsy snarls and savage speed to create a track with real meaning. Bonus track ‘System’ takes a lighter approach with a more ‘80s Joan Jett-rock sound, but that’s just a breather after the full-throttle kick of potential punk anthem ‘Restless’ and its middle-finger, “I’ll give you motherfucking restless!” chants.

It is tempting to say Petrol Girls are following in the footsteps of bands like Anti-Flag, with their political punk and protest tunes, but the truth is Petrol Girls aren’t really following anyone– and that’s what makes Some Thing so good.

Some Thing is released on 19th February via Bomber Music.


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