Belvedere are back- with a Star Wars themed album?


Image: Promo

Canadian skate-punks Belvedere have been a little quiet lately, but it turns out that’s all about to change as the band announce the release of their upcoming album later this year.

Belvedere’s fifth studio album will hit the UK on 5th May 2016 and is going to be released via British punk label Lockjaw Records. But you haven’t heard the best part yet- the band have also announced that the upcoming album will be titled ‘Revenge of the Fifth‘.

We love it already.

We know the album is going to have 12 tracks but, other than that, Belvedere are keeping the rest of the details secret for now. This is their first studio album since reforming in 2012 though, so we’re expecting pretty big things from them over the next few months- a Star Wars theme to go with the title, perhaps? Come on guys, make our day!




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