The pros and cons of a new blink-182



Most recent updates from camp blink-182 show some exciting new videos of Travis Barker laying down the drums for new tracks in the studio. It looks as though this latest version of blink-182- replacing founding member Tom DeLonge with Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba alongside Travis Barker and bassist Mark Hoppus– is all coming together.

We’re excited to hear what the three of them come up with, especially as we haven’t had our fix of blink-182 since 2012’s Dogs Eating Dogs EP and we’re having serious withdrawal symptoms. But let’s be honest, there is definitely going to be a Tom-shaped hole in the new album and we’re not sure how to deal with that. To help us, we’ve sorted out the pros and cons of what a new blink-182 will bring.


1) Matt Skiba is great

If anyone had to replace Tom DeLonge, we’re pretty happy it turned out to be Matt Skiba. He’s written some bangers for his band Alkaline Trio and his more mature pop-punk vibe will suit an older (but probably not wiser) blink-182. Whatever he touches turns to gold, and this will be no different.

2) We’ve still got Mark and Travis

Two out of three ain’t bad, right? With Mark Hoppus as the cool dad of the band and Travis Barker as the naughty, rebellious teenager, we’ve still got some essential parts of blink-182 to work with. It might not be complete, but we reckon we can trust these old timers to patch up the missing pieces.

3) New album = new tour

So it might not be the same penis jokes and sexual innuendos as the blink-182 tours of yesteryear, but there will undoubtedly be some new shows to go with the new album and we’re still excited to see them. Watching two thirds of the old band with one newbie is better than seeing no blink-182 at all in our books.


1) No-one can pull off ‘I Miss You’ like Tom DeLonge

How are we supposed to wail along to the key change in ‘I Miss You’ without Tom’s trademark whines as a guideline? Like them or loathe them, his vocals are an unmistakable part of so many blink-182 songs and we think we’ll definitely miss his nasal tones now they’re gone.

2) It’s almost a whole new project

Obviously this version of blink-182 is going to be different. We know that. But with one third of the band being totally new, presumably leading to an album of whole new sounds, we’re sort of wondering if they could have just reformed to create a new band, the Hoppus, Barker and Skiba Project, and left the blink-182 name alone.

3) Temper tantrums and name-calling

Every time blink-182 split, it never seems to lead to happy ending; we’re not even sure if this band is actually capable of an amicable break up. There are always way too many rumours, gossips and unnecessary call outs, especially for guys that used to practically have a three-way bromance going on. We hate it when things turn nasty in public- can’t you guys just kiss and make up again?


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