Review: Story – Hopeless But Hoping


Image: Album artwork

Story are making pretty good headway with the release of their second EP Hopeless But Hoping, a mash-up of post-hardcore drive and indie groove that makes for a concise, coherent and consistent record.

While many metal and post-hardcore crossovers appeal to young demographics in basic ways, making a beeline for teenage girls in low-cut vests- the only ones who can match the singer’s high pitched vocals- Story avoid being lumped into that bracket. It’s clear in tracks like ‘Community’ that they’ve got some metal vibes going on, with demonic growls and manic screams, but they also have a light catchiness that doesn’t scare you away. They connect with an entire generation tentatively beginning to explore heavier music without making the lazy jump straight to white, middle-class, thirteen-year-old girls.

The real high point of Hopeless But Hoping is the absolutely exquisite vocals that flow flawlessly throughout. The range- from those gut-wrenching screams to anthemic choruses and seamless harmonies- is unreal. ‘Letting Go’ strips Story right down to the bare essentials, showing a piercing yet sentimental side to the band; much like Pierce the Veil, Story take on the modern post-hardcore genre in a more mature, sophisticated way. Title track ‘Hopeless But Hoping’, despite being a little too busy, has a chorus so overwhelming and all-consuming that it still manages to impress. From the synth-metal of ‘Article 10’ to the funky groove intro of ‘Push Me Away’, this band simply has so much scope.

Given that they’ve only had one EP under their belt up until now, you can’t help but marvel at the outcome of Hopeless But Hoping, from its intense opener right through to its slick, smooth finish. Story have done a great job here, and you’d be mad to miss out on it.

Hopeless But Hoping is released on 4th March 2016 via self-release.


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