Review: Lacey – I Don’t Owe the World a Thing

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Nottingham quartet Lacey are following on from last year’s awesome debut with I Don’t Owe the World a Thing, an EP full of moody, melancholic alt-rock that brings five wonderfully dark, stormy tracks your way.

Opening with lead single ‘Shadow’ and it’s atmospheric intro, Lacey captivate people with this first track. It gives us a real taste of anticipation, and as it rises up, layer after layer, reaching an epic climax of thunderous vocals and swooping riffs, that hunger only intensifies.

The enormity of I Don’t Owe the World a Thing continues with tracks such as ‘Hoax’ and ‘Take Me Home’. The former kicks in with an anthemic confidence that makes us certain that Lacey could deliver a stellar live performance as well as a great studio one. ‘Take Me Home’ has a soft, emo heart that reminds us of the brilliant Jimmy Eat  World. This comparison increases with the sentiment that Lacey inject into these songs- every track feels personal, full of so much emotion that it’s like we’re opening this band up and taking a look into their own lives.

But you know what they say; too much of a good thing…

With this record, after two or three tracks, you find yourself asking, haven’t I already listened to this one? While we do love that subtle but powerful emotion that comes with the emo-rock sound, it becomes quite tiring when the tempo sticks to the same formula most of the way through.

However, with final track ‘You Know Nothing’- a mature, expressive ballad led by a beautiful piano melody- you just can’t fault the musicality of Lacey. With provocative lyrics, faultless vocals and bittersweet emotion, Lacey have created something truly meaningful with I Don’t Owe the World a Thing, and that’s the real accomplishment here.

I Don’t Owe the World a Thing is out now via self-release.


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