Introducing: Catch Fire


Image: Promo

Bouncy pop-punks Catch Fire are hot right now; in fact, they’re on the brink of bursting into flames thanks to the release of their debut EP The Distance I Am From You. From Nottingham, this pop-punk five-piece are lucky enough to release their debut via Rude Records, setting them up for what could be an incredibly exciting year ahead.

With the band’s debut video for ‘Bad Behaviour’ Catch Fire show us who they are, with their young, scrappy faces and backwards baseball caps just itching to be part of the edgy skate-punk scene that undoubtedly surrounded them growing up. They’ve got those unfiltered, frantic riffs and the spunky attitude of bands such as ROAM, Seaway and Four Year Strong; all of which have come into their own in terms of hard pop-punk, and there’s no doubt that Catch Fire can do exactly the same.

While this particular band might be new to the game, its members are not; they are reborn from Layby, a band with whom the local alternative scene in and around Notthingham might be familiar. When you hear the way in which Catch Fire play with their sound, teasing us with wild, raw vocals and then pulling back ever so slightly into a more polished, perfected tone, it’s not surprising to know that these guys have worked with music before. They’re not pros just yet, but Catch Fire are a fresh, fun band so full of life that we’re sure they’ll have plenty of time to hone their craft.


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