Review: Marc Halls – Enough About Me


Image: Album artwork

Marc Halls, who you might remember from rock band Hey Vanity, has dedicated the past few years to his solo project, leading up to latest EP Enough About Me. A world away from what we expected, Marc Halls has now turned his hand to the lovely little world of acoustic folk-rock.

Don’t be fooled, though; this is acoustic with attitude! As soon as the gutsy riff of opener ‘Erised’ begins, we feel a rockier side already coming through from this record, likely an influence from Marc’s past work. This, however, takes a much lighter turn in the chorus, with a happy, poppy, clap-a-long rhythm. We hear further fearlessness from ‘Sticks & Stones’ which has a real, solid beat to it, much like Ed Sheeran delivers. It’s more than just wispy acoustic music, and we love that.

There are gentler moments to Enough About Me which show the more folksy direction that Marc is heading nowadays. Lead single ‘We’ll Be OK’ has a cute, simple riff, like something plucked right out of a Michael Cera movie, to make a sweet little love song. The vocals in more emotion-fuelled tracks, such as ‘For Old Times Sake’ and ‘Cliffs of Dover’, create much more of an impact, with heaps of expression, lots of light and shade, and plenty of poignancy. Once again, though, don’t mistake this EP for one big, dewey-eyed pile of mush- in ‘Hamster Wheel’, we hear a country twang given a modern twist from the cool Brit indie-folk vocals, which is a brave, but incredibly popular, move right now (think George Ezra and Ben Howard, for example).

Enough About Me manages to keep things simple with heartfelt themes, pretty melodies and a touching yet hesitant voice that neither overpowers nor shies away. It’s not a party album, for sure, but it’s perfect for reflection, contemplation or just winding down on a lazy afternoon.

Enough About Me is released soon via self-release.


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