Review: Birth of Joy – Get Well


Image: Album artwork

From ‘60s psychedelia to ‘00s indie, Birth of Joy really take us through the ages with new album Get Well, with this Dutch trio having finally found time in their relentless touring schedule to create this weird and wonderful work of art.

Get Well is absolutely drenched in psychedelia, a sixties-soaked collection that reads like the bill of music night in a dingy London bar fifty years ago. From the cool, confident Mick Jagger swag of bluesy ‘Midnight Cruise’ to the gritty psychedelic rock of iconic Hendrix and Pink Floyd licks in ‘Meet Me at the Bottom’, along with the Iggy Pop basement punk vocals and a Bowie-esque glamour in ‘Those Who Are Awake’, we’re transported back to a time of experimentation and reinvention that is so lost today.

But don’t dismiss Birth of Joy as being stuck in a time warp. Instead of just bouncing between the walls of the 1960s, Get Well absorbs these influences, along with their more developed contemporaries, and moulds them into something truly modern. With the funky ‘Blisters’ we hear a ‘90s amalgamation between the more electronically-inspired Blur and the wilder, rockier Oasis, while ‘Choose Sides’ takes things further with a more danceable, indie-driven Arctic Monkeys vibe.

While several songs on the album take us down a rather otherworldly road, such as ‘Numb’ and ‘You Got Me Howling’, none do more so than title track ‘Get Well’. An eight-minute extravaganza, this track takes us from a mellow, southern blues intro, to screaming indie rock, to dark, wallowing post-grunge, twisting and turning into a true musical trip.

Much like British band Allusondrugs, Birth of Joy are unearthing long-forgotten sounds and finding inspiration in them once again. Get Well delivers dreamlike psychedelia, arrogant indie, scraggly grunge, and everything in between.

Get Well is released on 26th February via Long Branch Records/SPV.


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