Review: Wolf Down – Incite & Conspire


Image: PR

German hardcore band Wolf Down are about to smash their way into their second full-length release Incite & Conspire, unleashing a full-throttle record that is most certainly not for the faint-hearted.

The raging guitar riffs of Incite & Conspire drive through a powerful sense of carefree destruction, right from the aggressive opening of ‘Against the Grain’ to the intense build-up of havoc in ‘Protect Preserve’. This album doesn’t hold anything back, not afraid to intimidate with the bold ‘Invisible War’ or face up to things with the unapologetic, to-the-point ‘Conspire’. Wolf Down are a band who lay everything on the line, and the tracks of Incite & Conspire just go to show that.

This album’s energy is matched with its passion; ‘Flames of Discontent’ is an enthusiastic hit that could really set a crowd alive, not only thanks to its pumping guitar intro but also because of its unmistakable passion. This band obviously push real feelings into their music, and its great to see such fierce meaning shine through. Even with the metal speed of ‘At Daggers Dawn’ or the insanely heavy ‘Incite’, the feeling of Incite & Conspire never leaves.

Wolf Down are being hailed as potential leaders of the new hardcore scene right now and, with this album, it’s clear to see why; rolling drums, thumping guitar and barbaric vocals make for a harsh ’n’ heavy hardcore album.

Incite & Conspire is released on 26th February 2016 via End Hits Records.


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