New Music Alert: Pop-punk Postcards! release debut single


Image: Promo

We’ve got some brand spanking new music for you today, thanks to south-east London’s latest breakthrough band, Postcards!.

The band have unleashed their angsty punk debut ‘Remains’ along with an awesome self-made music video.

Speaking of their debut, lead vocalist Andy Sargent has said: “‘Remains’ is about not wanting to feel as if someone is wasting your time. It’s about knowing how good you could be with someone and them not actually giving you the chance. The video was set on the Thames, and it follows a disgruntled child which represents our inner selves, as we realise that life may not match up to expectations. We decided to use it as the first single because it was the first song we all fell in love with. It has all the energy we feel sums us up as a band.

The British pop-punkers haven’t been on the scene for long, only launching themselves into the world of social media last week. However, with a debut single and music video already released, and debut EP So, This is What the Future Looks Like on its way, Postcards! are definitely ones to watch this year.


Image: Promo

Check out Postcards! on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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