LIVE: Tonight Alive / Our Last Night / Milk Teeth

Where: Forum, Kentish Town

When: 18/02/16

Rating: 4/5

Milk Teeth


Image: Official Facebook

Milk Teeth might look mild-mannered, but don’t be fooled; their ‘90s punk vibe fills the room with an inarguable energy right from the off. Sounding like something out of the Riot Grrl era, Milk Teeth take on the Forum tonight with unstoppable force as they hurl out one song after another. From the sweet, intimate moments of slower tracks to the cool, underrated edge of more uptempo numbers, Milk Teeth are a pleasant surprise to kick off the night.

Check out ‘Brain Food’ by Milk Teeth here.

Our Last Night 


Image: Official Facebook

Walking on stage to a roaring reception, Our Last Night are obviously a welcome addition to the evening’s line-up with a palpable excitement in the air as they begin. This American post-hardcore band bring a heavier touch tonight, but not so much that our ears are bleeding by the end; a pretty good balance, we’d say. They treat the set somewhat like their own headliner, and it seems to pay off as people wave their lighters and punch their fists in the air along with them. Our Last Night aren’t spectacularly ground-breaking, but they deliver a solid support set.

Check out ‘Road to the Throne’ by Our Last Night here.

Tonight Alive


Image: Official Facebook

Tonight Alive have found a home away from home here in London, always forming an untouchable bond between themselves and the fans every time they perform. When they strut onto the stage with alluring confidence, the crowd instantly falls in love with them and, in return, they spend the next hour and fifteen minutes pouring everything they can into giving back to those who love them so obviously dearly.

Anyone who says that women can’t front a rock band, all you need is one night with Tonight Alive to prove you absolutely, defiantly, unequivocally wrong. Jenna McDougall completely storms the stage right from the first beat; boasting bravery with ‘What Are You So Scared Of?’ and overwhelming power with ‘The Ocean’, she fronts a band with such force that you wouldn’t want to meet them in bad mood and a dark alley.

It must be a daunting thing, to lay yourself bare and expose your own vulnerability in front of hundreds of people. Regardless, Tonight Alive do just that. The cut-throat emotion of ‘Amelia’ resonates with the room, undoubtably touching the heart of anyone who relates. Their acoustic rendition of ‘Complexes’ is lovely, but is upstaged considerably by its follow-up ‘The Other Side’, the extended, acoustic edition of which stays with us hours after it ends and makes for one of tonight’s stand-out moments.

After a whole-hearted reception to new song ‘Drive’ the band exit, only to re-enter with the spunky ‘How Does It Feel?’, which reignites the crowd’s energy all over again. With final track ‘Lonely Girl’, Tonight Alive deliver one last punch to the gut in the form of enigmatic stage presence and endless good vibes. With another excellent performance, Tonight Alive bid farewell to London- but not for long.

You can check out ‘Drive’ by Tonight Alive here.


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