LIVE: Enter Shikari

Where: Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

When: 20/02/16

Rating: 4/5


Image: Promo

The expectations are high when it comes to Enter Shikari. Now the band are setting out on their first ever headline arena tour, those expectations have only been ramped up a notch; we want heavier breakdowns, brighter lights and bigger mosh pits.

As always, Enter Shikari deliver.

We begin our “journey” tonight at the beginning, opening with Take to the Skies’ ‘Enter Shikari’, bringing old fans out of the woodwork right away. Shortly followed by the classic ‘Sorry, You’re Not a Winner’ (complete with synchronised hand claps, of course) Enter Shikari really are taking us through the ages with an amazing time warp start to the show.

Their latest album The Mindsweep has been out for a while now, so the crowd have had plenty of time to familiarise themselves with it, and that shows. From rowdy pit-stirrer ‘There’s a Price on Your Head’ to the beautiful piano-led ‘Dear Future Historians’, newer tracks are loved just as much as the old which is something you don’t see all that often. When stand-out track ‘The Last Garrison’ flows seamlessly into surprise song ‘No Sleep Tonight’, we are able to see this band’s stunning transformation.

Not everything goes without a hitch- the microphone and piano breaking down during their attempt at an acoustic ‘Juggernauts’, for example- but the live atmosphere more than makes up for it. From the spectacular special effects to the irresistible dance groove and palpable basslines, the energy reaches dizzying heights time and time again.

After the rampage of fan favourite ‘Mothership’, Enter Shikari return for an encore of ‘Redshift’, an unexpected choice that lulls slightly, but only for a moment as everyone is singing their hearts out by the end. Followed by the insatiable pulse of ‘Anaesthetist’ and the brief but boisterous ‘The Appeal & the Mindsweep ||’, the band then spray a fire extinguisher all over the first two rows and, with that, the night is over.

Enter Shikari have proved once again that they are the one of the best live bands this country has to offer. If you ever find yourself on the way to see them, we have only one piece of advice- brace yourself!

Check out ‘Redshift’ by Enter Shikari here.


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