6 signs that you’re the adult at a rock concert

If you’re still heading out to rock concerts on the regular past the age of 21 then odds are they’ll be a very different experience to the nights you had as a teenage gig-goer. It’s the sort of thing you’ve always told yourself will never happen to you, but it might be time to face facts; here are six definite signs that you’re now an adult at a gig. Brace yourself…

How much they charge for a pint is a serious factor in your plans


Image: thedrinkbusiness.com

“£4.50 for a pint? Well, I’ll probably just have one and drive home tonight then.” You’re really not up for spending your last few quid on getting smashed and doing overpriced shots at the venue bar- not when you know that money could be better spent on something sensible like, you know, food or broadband bills.


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