Review: Blood Youth – Closure


Image: Promo

With their latest EP Closure, punk metal outfit Blood Youth are looking for just that- closure. After a turbulent time creating their debut EP last year, this British four-piece have used their sophomore release as a personal catharsis in which they hope fans will find their own solace too.

With intro track ‘Breathe’- a soft alt-indie opener that features whimsical vocals and ambient music to make for an intriguing start to this EP- gives us no indication of the rampage that lies ahead in Closure. Hurtling full-throttle into ‘247’, we are suddenly caught up in a maelstrom of gnarly breakdowns and screaming vocals that lead into a surprisingly catchy chorus. Keeping the tempo sharp is following track ‘Mood Swing’, which matches it mercurial name with serious aggression backing it all the way through. While Blood Youth aren’t quite flat-out metal, they do possess a much heavier edge that many other post-hardcore bands, balancing screeching riffs with a melodic chorus here. The record finishes off with title track ‘Closure’, a darker, more alternative number that features smooth vocals and ominous undertones for a somewhat sinister final note.

It’s a short EP, but we all know that size isn’t everything- these four tracks are stuffed full of goodies, brimming with metal guitar twangs, punk melodies and alternative touches that make for a rather diverse record. Closure is more likely to leave you with edge-of-your-seat palpitations rather than inner peace, but we think we prefer that anyway.

Closure by Blood Youth is released on 11th March 2016 via Rude Records.


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