This is why School of Rock is the best sick-day film ever

This is the best time of year, isn’t it? We’re stuck in between the groggy tail-end of winter colds and the imminent threat of springtime hay fever, forcing most of us to take a sick day or two over the next couple of months. Whilst being rendered useless by illness sucks, there is one film that always perks up this terrible time, and that film is 2003’s School of Rock. If you’re not convinced, we’ve got five reasons that we’re pretty sure will persuade you…

You know the best quotes off by heart



A quotable film is a better film. Let’s be honest, you’ve probably seen School of Rock nothing short of a hundred times since you were a kid and, no matter how long it’s been, if you don’t snap your fingers and do a sassy head-roll whilst saying “You’re tacky and I hate you!” or twiddle your fingers on an imaginary guitar along with “Ch-ello, you got a bass!” it might be time for a trip to the doctor’s office- you’re probably sicker than you thought.


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