Introducing: Slowcoaches


Image: Promo

Having just unleashed a brand new single on the world, London punk band Slowcoaches are gearing up for one hell of a summer. The track, ‘Ex Head’, is the first to be taken from the band’s upcoming debut album, which is being teased for release later this year, and has prompted the noise-pop three-piece to head out on tour this month. With crash-bang live shows and captivating tracks, Slowcoaches are on the brink of something big.

With an enigmatic, exciting voice, vocalist Heather Perkins is a modern day Debbie Harry, fronting a punk band that creates music that both attracts and rebels. With distorted pop riffs, chaotic drum beats and an upbeat tempo, ‘Ex Head’ retains a light and catchy melody while having an aura of punk mischief and mayhem about it.

Speaking of the new single, Heather Perkins has said: “The title refers to two things; having someone on your mind all the time (the ex in your head), so much that your brain becomes a warped cassette playing over and over, and also to losing a part of your mind that you wanted to squash. At the time I wrote it, I was trying to pull apart the light and the dark sides of my mind and work out why the negative side was so overwhelming. Once I did that, I could stop moving in circles.

After numerous plays from BBC DJs, as well as a handful of UK dates throughout March, Slowcoaches are starting to creep up the ladder and into the spotlight. Despite irrefutable pop hooks, this band refuse to be labelled with a genre and, as they flit between punk, indie, lo-fi garage rock and back to that bouncy pop melody, Slowcoaches bring something truly interesting to the table.

You can find out more about Slowcoaches on their Facebook and Twitter pages.


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