Review: Heck – Instructions

Heck Instructions Cover.jpg

Image: PR

In one of the most bizarre legal twists in recent British music, hardcore punk band Baby Godzilla were threatened with serious consequences by the actual Godzilla film company unless they stopped using their band name. Not held back for long, the band renamed themselves as Heck and jumped quickly back on the wagon with Instructions, the debut album under their new guise.

While their name may have been lost, their identity certainly isn’t; Heck still deliver the same full-throttle rage and palpable energy with new release Instructions. The entire album is a frantic swarm of blood-thirsty screams and unfaltering riffs that ooze urgency, darting from one panic station to the next. Riffs spill out of every second of ‘Mope’, from its frenzied intro right through to it’s unrelenting end, while ‘Fastback’ is a breathless bout of metal chaos. From the dirty groove of ‘Good as Dead’ to the impossible fury of ‘White Devil’, Heck barely let us come up for air.

Your only hope of survival throughout Instructions are the brief moments of calm, only heard once or twice during the entire record; after the all-in gang vocals of ‘Don’t Touch that Dial’, the track tails off towards the end into a gentle wave of calm, before calamity once again ensues with following track ‘The Breakers’. ‘Totem’, again, allows for something of a breather, although as it switches between muted indie delicacy and full-on thrash we’re still kept on the edge of our seats.

With 16-minute stomper ‘See the Old Lady Decently Buried Although Amongst Those Left Are You’, Heck leave us on an intense final note, ramping up the more classic hard rock with a dramatic finale of impassioned riffs and emphatic vocals. This album is a hardcore dream, with plenty of vigour and venom to keep the newly named Heck on our radar for a long time to come.

Instructions is released on 11th March 2016 via NPAG Industries.


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