Review: Uh Huh Baby Yeah – Illuminasty


Uh Huh Baby Yeah aren’t new kids on the block; having been a band for over a decade now, their latest release has been a long time coming. The new EP Illuminasty is a just a small splash of fun in a big ol’ pool of rock-pop.

There are some bands that, no matter how hard they try to redeem themselves, will always be seen as somewhat of a guilty pleasure; the “so bad they’re good” types, the likes of Falling in Reverse, 3OH!3, Metro Station, and so on. Although their years of hard work in the music industry sure as hell counts for something, Uh Huh Baby Yeah ultimately find themselves stumbling into that void. Given that one of their tracks is named with a hashtag- final track ‘#nofansjustfriends’- it’s hardly surprising.

EP opener ‘Hollyhood’ has a charismatic swag to it that very few bands could pull off, an over-confidence that is instantly entertaining. With that sense of self-assurance, the band create party songs such as ‘Natural Born Thriller’ and ‘Old News’ that, while having a touch of Pierce the Veil post-hardcore to them, are doused with ‘80s glam and ‘00s synth-pop that make for a full helping of cheesy fun.

Vindication for Illuminasty comes with a couple of tracks. ‘Satanic Verses’ is a slower track that shows a new side to the band; like a Broadway musical showtune, it swoops between dramatic beats and wailing vocals that hit humongous notes. Followed by ‘Fashion to the Christ’, a meatier track you can really sink your teeth into, these two tunes are probably the EP’s more impressive songs.

This record isn’t going to change your life; it might not even change your day. But it will let you shoot up a trashy hit of corny fun, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Illuminasty by Uh Huh Baby Yeah is out on 4th March via Revival Recordings.


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