LIVE: Creeper / Grader / Coloured In

Where: Forum, Tunbridge Wells

When: 04/03/16

Rating: 4/5

Coloured In


Image: Official Facebook

First up tonight are local band Coloured In, an alt-rock three-piece that get the evening off to a slow start. With their Nirvana grunge, this band adapt to the dark mood of the headliners pretty well; however, they can’t quite keep up with the performance of the other bands on the bill, and their stage presence leaves much to be desired. With a strong vocal and well-constructed songs, this band just needed to bring a little more oomph to the stage to engage tonight’s audience.

Check out ‘Seattle’ by Coloured In here.



Image: Official Facebook

All the way from Aberdeen- and understandably exhausted from the 14-date tour and looming drive home tonight- are Grader, who grace the stage next tonight. Despite the tiny venue size, Grader don’t let that deter them and perform as though a captivated crowd are watching them; by the end, that’s what they have. With their hardcore sound giving everyone something to get into and a suitably sinister growling vocal fixating most, whilst taking regular breaks to thank everyone that got them to this tour, Grader come across as an intriguing, determined and humble band.

Check out ‘The War Inside’ by Grader here.



Image: Official Facebook

For a band that have yet to release their first full-length album, Creeper have already made a considerable mark. They are playing to a packed-out venue tonight as their first headline tour in support of latest release The Stranger comes to a close, and it’s rare to see so many emphatic fans for a band that has so little material to their name.

Creeper could probably rattle through their entire discography in an hour flat, and that’s practically what they do tonight- the band perform almost every song under their belt, which means the setlist pleases pretty much everyone. With opening track ‘VCR’, Creeper kick off the night with a real crowd-pleaser, and the electric vibe never ceases. There isn’t a dull moment; even in slower songs, such as new ballad ‘Misery’, the crowd are just enthusiastic, swapping the mosh pits for a sing-song.

Given that many bands playing this size venue get a lukewarm reaction at best, Creeper set the Forum’s bar incredibly high. With punk steamroller ‘Black Mass’ we see new fans throw themselves into the fire, while older tracks such as the insanely catchy ‘Honeymoon Suite’, the sing-a-long anthem ‘Gloom’ and the fist-pumping ‘Lie Awake’ bring the entire crowd together in a whirlwind of chaos.

After theatrical finale track ‘Henley’s Ghost’, Creeper return for one last dance in the form of ‘We Had a Pact’, a party song that creates an irresistible live atmosphere, destroying everything and everyone in its wake. Creeper thrive off of small, sweaty dive venues, thanks to countless stage dives and frontman Will Gould’s captivating audience interaction. But don’t get too used to it- we don’t think Creeper will be playing such intimate venues for much longer.

Check out ‘Black Mass’ by Creeper here.


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