LIVE: FVK / Vukovi / Miss Vincent

Where: Corporation, Sheffield

When: 05/03/16

Rating: 4/5

Miss Vincent


Miss Vincent stride onto the stage with such self-assurance that, for a second, we question whether we’re at the right show. FVK are the headliners, right? For a support band, Miss Vincent are unflappable and their confidence is captivating. Within minutes they have the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands, clapping and singing along at every command to their noisy punk rock mayhem. Miss Vincent are a band determined to be top of the bill one day, and we have no doubt they’ll get there.

Check out ‘Disparate, Desperate’ by Miss Vincent here.



Having one support band win the crowd over is pretty special, but two? That’s almost unheard of; that is, until tonight. Scottish band Vukovi are onto an absolute winner with their rowdy pop-rock tunes, spunky frontwoman- with an incredible voice big enough to match her stage presence- and a genuine love of what they do that beams out from every member, in every song. They give us nothing but feel-good vibes and a brilliant atmosphere- a somewhat unusual choice for heavy goth-punks FVK, but one of the best they have ever made.

Check out ‘Boy George’ by Vukovi here.


Do FVK ever stop? Between rounding off a UK/Europe with Escape the Fate and announcing their appearance at Reading & Leeds Festival and first ever European headline tour, this goth-punk five-piece have somehow found time to tour mini-album Bruises throughout the UK. Let’s hope they have enough energy left for us!

Tonight the band take us on a journey, from early conceptual anthems through to recent straight-shooting rock songs, and we see the transformation they have undergone. The sinister tale of ‘Could We Burn, Darling?’ and the black humour of ‘Bow Ties on Dead Guys’ transports us back to Fearless Vampire Killers, the dark princes of a fantastical world created from their own imagination; however, when it comes to newer tracks, such as punchy rock song ‘Regret’ or soulful power ballad ‘Stepping Stones’, we see FVK standing before us- a new band, a new image, a new world.

It’s refreshing to know that there’s a band brave enough to reinvent themselves in today’s ‘muso’ industry; however, some things about their live performance never alter, and their devoted fanbase appreciate this in equal measure. The theatricality, for example, of Laurence Beveridge’s onstage persona in ‘Like Bruises’ and ‘Neon in the Dance Halls’, and Kier Kemp’s charismatic charm in songs such as ‘Braindead’ and ‘Keep Smiling’; or perhaps the seamless play-off between the two frontmen in dual-vocal track ‘All Hallow’s Evil’ that fans- new and old- adore.

After a passionate rendition of ‘Aging Love’, the band satisfy the screams for an encore with ‘Maeby’. While the crowd get down one last time to this popular hit, we notice the band spend most of it having fun with each other, charging across the stage, joking and laughing, having a blast. Moments like this remind us that, whichever the mask they choose to wear, FVK are still just five mates making music that they love and believe in. That’s something we hope never changes.

Check out ‘Regret’ by FVK here.


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