LIVE: Sleeping With Sirens

Where: Roundhouse, London

When: 06/03/16

Rating: 4.5/5


Image: Promo (Epitaph)

Sleeping with Sirens have finally brought their latest album Madness over to the UK- and it’s about time too! Having swept across the US this past year, us Brits have been left longing for a taste of Sleeping with Sirens live and, at last, they finish up their UK leg in Camden’s Roundhouse on Mother’s Day, no less.

New songs don’t always fire up a crowd, so it’s a brave move for Sleeping with Sirens to perform a huge chunk of Madness live tonight, bumping off several old favourites to make some room. But this band obviously trust their fans, and they’re right to do so; kick-starter ‘Don’t Say Anything’ has arms waving almost instantly, while ‘We Like It Loud’ creates a messy wave of rock ’n’ roll havoc and ‘Kick Me’ sparks angst and aggression from this (mostly) teenage crowd. Even acoustic tracks go down a storm, with single ‘The Strays’ prompting a happy-go-lucky chorus chanted by this adoring crowd.

Even older hits feel new as the band continue to reinvent them for the stage, with ‘Congratulations’ seeing an appearance from As It IsPatty Walters and the acoustic rendition of ‘Scene Five: With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear’ featuring beautiful vocals from a female friend, both feel as fresh and vibrant as ever. We also see some surprises, such as a rare performance of the band’s gorgeous cover of Goo Goo Dolls’ ‘Iris’ which, Kellin Quinn tells us, is a special treat for the last night in London. With these special touches, a Sleeping with Sirens show could never feel done to death.

Finishing off with a salute to the past, Sleeping with Sirens end round one on post-hardcore love song ‘If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn’ before returning for round two, an encore of arguably their biggest hits; we have one last chance to sing along breathlessly to ‘Do It Now Remember It Later’ and lose our minds to ‘If You Can’t Hang’ before the night is over. It’s no surprise that this band have been showing off such a brilliant album all over the world and, with that, Sleeping with Sirens are possibly better than ever.

Check out ‘Better Off Dead’ by Sleeping with Sirens here.


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