Interview: Safe, So Simple


Image: Promo

American easycore pop-punk band Safe, So Simple have just unleashed their second EP Too Much to Closure today (11th March) and we managed to grab a word with drummer Derek Ausseresses all about what went into making the band’s latest record, their recent studio collaborations and the brand new music video.

Your new EP Too Much to Closure is released this month, what can fans expect from your sophomore release as a band?

We definitely put our hearts into this one. It was a rather labour-intensive process and spanned nearly 17 months. We put all we had into it and we hope it translates to the fans.

What was it like to produce a record with From First to Last’s Matt Good and Cameron Mizell, who has worked with the likes of Sleeping with Sirens and Hands Like Houses?

It was so surreal. We all listened to From First To Last so we all kind of fan-girled over him. He has such a fun environment and an amazing ear for detail. Cameron also creates a super fun and creative atmosphere. He worked as a one man crew and is actually a wizard.

In what way would you say having hands-on help from such experienced guys in the recording process had an impact on the EP?

We definitely love to incorporate a lot of vocals. Both Matt and Cameron both have such an incredible ear for harmonies and vocal cadences. They really helped push our vocal performances to a new level.

How would you say Safe, So Simple have progressed as a band in Too Much to Closure compared to your debut release, Growing Pains?

This was a much more collaborative effort, for sure. Growing Pains was very much one Fenn song, one Josh song, one Derek song. Too Much to Closure brought our writing skills as a band to new heights.

What can fans expect to hear from the new record?

Music, mostly! We made a decision to opt out of any acoustic songs or even more ballad type songs. It’s very fast paced and fun. We really tried our best to deliver all aspects of what make us who we are; two vocals, two guitars, and a tight rhythm section.

You’ve just released a new single from the EP, ‘Teeth Like Sharks’. Why did you choose this track to represent Too Much to Closure to the world?

It’s just an all-round fun track. So when we came up with the idea to do one continuous shot for the video, we decided it was the best way to showcase our personalities. We felt it was the perfect pairing.

The video for ‘Teeth Like Sharks’ pretty much just follows you guys around the house as you go about your day-to-day business. How did you come up with the concept for the video? 

It was actually an idea that our producer Jeremy Tremp had come up with. He and I worked out some details and then on the the day of the shoot we went over all the logistics, finalised all our ideas, and did about five hours of dry runs. It was quite the process, but we had a blast! Fun fact – that was Jeremy Tremp’s house that we used!

How much fun did you have making the video? Because it looks like you had a day of just messing around in a house together!

Honestly, we’ve shot all of our videos with Tremp for that very reason; we have fun! He is such a fun and creative person to work with. All he asked was that we be ourselves, so it was a blast! We really did just goof off and capture it on film.


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