Introducing: From Ashes to New


Image: Promo

Pennsylvanian sextet From Ashes to New are taking this year into their own hands, as they throw a debut album release and a brand new music video at us all in one go. The past month saw this fun but feisty hard rock band unleash their debut full-length album Day One, as well as unveiling the music video for the album’s lead single ‘Through It All’. You might not have heard of From Ashes to New just yet, but they’re already gearing up for the worldwide arenas so watch this space.

Latest single ‘Through It All’ is a nu-metal treat, with Linkin Park undertones and a dark tension running throughout the track. Bringing back the ‘00s rap-rock hybrid is a risky move, but From Ashes to New manage to freshen it up and create something interesting and exciting for a new generation.

Speaking of their first full-length release, one half of the band’s vocal duo Matt Brandyberry has said: “To put it bluntly, there’s a lot of ‘fuck you’ on this album. A lot of stuff about shitty relationships, about working hard for something and people telling you can’t do it, about never accepting that things are just ‘beyond you’. We’re not the cool band from LA or New York or any of those places, we’re six regular guys from a regular place but that is in our favour, not against us. We understand what it’s like.

Fresh off a tour supporting rock giants Papa Roach and Five Finger Death Punch, From Ashes to New have had a taste of the big leagues and, if anything, it seems as though that has spurred them onto reach for even bigger, better things. If the hunger, passion and drive of Day One is anything to go by, this certainly won’t be the last you hear of From Ashes to New.


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