Review: Coast to Coast – Dwell

C2C Artwork

British pop-rock band- and creators of the surprisingly relatable #dadbodsquad Twitter hashtag- Coast to Coast are releasing their debut EP Dwell and, with something of a ‘new band’ smell about it, we get the feeling from these four tracks that this is definitely a band with plenty more to give.

Coast to Coast bring a sense of happy-go-lucky along with their debut, especially when EP opener ‘Intro’ has a light touch that relieves any tension with its upbeat pop that falls nicely on the ear. They are a distinctly British band, incredibly similar to the likes of pop-rock bands Lower Than Atlantis and Don Broco, and fans of UK alt-rock pop will warm to them right away.

The mid-section of Dwell has a more solid, confident foundation with snappy drum beats and pop-punk bounce in lead single ‘Bloom’ and the self-assured, on-point vocals showed off by the breakdown in ‘Cornerstone’. However, these songs could still do with fleshing out, just missing out on that full-bodied feeling that takes a short debut like this up to the next level. Even final number ‘Bunkbeds’- a lovely acoustic track that sings of feeling alone and lost, something we can all relate to from time to time- is a little lacklustre, as we don’t really have a chance to get off the ground with the previous tracks before we’re slowing back down.

However, this isn’t always a bad thing; a band with plenty of room to grow is exactly what the music industry needs right now. With Dwell, Coast to Coast prove they aren’t a band who have already hit a wall and are left with nowhere else to go. Instead, they have the potential to get bigger and better, and we hope that’s exactly what we do.

Dwell is released on 8th April via Fox Records.


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