Check out the Slam Dunk stage splits!

Slam Dunk Festival has revealed the stage splits for its three festival sites this year. Full stage times have not yet been confirmedĀ and stage splits may vary somewhat across the sites, but the announcement has given fans a rough idea of how to plan their day.


This announcement comes early this year compared to the festival’s previous years, and organisers have said that confirmed stage times will also be revealed much earlier ahead of this year’s event to help fans plan better.

The festival team posted a statement on their Facebook page ahead of today’s stage splits:

Please note, this will only act as a rough guidance for times. Some will only over lap part of the sets and the order of some bands will change over the 3 days. Of course there are going to be clashes you don’t like, which can’t be helped with so many great bands playing. Stage headliners will all clash apart from the Fresh Blood and acoustic / solo stages which will finish slightly earlier. Times will also be released a lot earlier this year to help you plan better. With events starting to sell out in the next few weeks, now is the time to maybe think about going to more than one day if you want to see more bands!

And, of course, there are several clashes that fans are already up in arms about. However, you can’t please everyone, andĀ these schedules are released much further in advance to help us work out how on earth we’re going to squeeze so many greats bands into such a short space of time!

Slam Dunk Festival takes place at:

NORTH – Leeds, City Centre – 28th May

MIDLANDS – Birmingham, NEC – 29th May

SOUTH – Hatfield, Forum – 30th May


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