Review: One Man Boycott – Counting The Seconds


Image: Promo

If we had a penny for every generic pop-punk band we’d heard crawl into the vulnerable ears of susceptible teenage girls who have yet to embark on their musical education over the past couple of years, we’d be pretty damn rich by now. It’s a welcome change, in that case, to hear bands such as One Man Boycott and their debut album Counting The Seconds, which add a light-hearted change of pace to a well-trodden path.

We might as well start by saying: One Man Boycott won’t break any records. They won’t change the world, they won’t invent a brand new genre, they won’t inspire musical change throughout the alternative industry. Even though this band stay away from the tired, formulaic trend of pop-punk, everyone gets their inspiration from somewhere; ‘Sunshine Pizza Friends’ has the callous punk power of an early All Time Low, while ‘Short Like Summer’ is an upbeat acoustic number that has the chilled vibe of softer band The Summer Set.

But where One Man Boycott differ from so many others is that they haven’t become carbon copies of the bands they emulate. Instead, they rejuvenate the genre to create something fresh for a new generation of pop-punk kids. ‘Sick Of It All’, for example, has a real fun bite to it, while ‘Liar!’ is a super-catchy party song, and both remind us of the bands that filled our house party soundtracks as teenagers; One Man Boycott represent the new batch taking their place for a younger generation.

If you’re into doom metal or hardcore punk then, sure, Counting The Seconds probably isn’t your ‘thing’. But, from the lazy afternoon ‘Monument to a Normal Guy’ to the easy pop-punk touches of ‘Stockholm Swing’, One Man Boycott encapsulate that very first taste of freedom from your teenage summer holidays for a new generation.


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