Review: Me Like Bees – There Will Be Time

me like bees ep cover

Every band works hard to put out a record; hours of time, hundreds of pounds and buckets of stress induced sweat and tears go into almost every release. However, not many bands have put themselves through the gruelling process of fighting off competition from over 20,000 artists to work with award-winning producer John Feldmann, which is exactly what Me Like Bees have done with latest EP There Will Be Time.

We open up with house party tune ‘Changes’, a fun, quirky track that introduces us to the upbeat Me Like Bees. Nestled in between the peculiar twangs of this EP opener are definite hooks that catch our ear every time they duck and dive among the alt-indie riffs, anchoring the track and confirming our interest.

Next up is latest single ‘Tundraland’ which, like the previous track, has lots of nooks and crannies to lose yourself in in just a few minutes; this is hardly surprising, though, when such an experienced producer as Mr. Feldmann had a hand in its creation. This track steps things up a notch, with a much bigger chorus than we anticipated, with both a gentle yet booming vibe that has the makings of an advert tune.

Things cool off with following track ‘There Will Be Time’, which calms down with the soft, acoustic stylings of City and Colour. It’s a sweet, charming indie number that sounds straight out of the Juno soundtrack, with an endearing vocal and cute melodies.

We finish the EP with a homey country tune in the form of ‘Hymns and Blues’. While not a million miles away from the rest of the record, this track does step away somewhat from straight indie-rock and delves into a more old-fashioned, all-American country-blues style, which is an unexpected end. But they say to always leave them wanting more and, on that note, we’re definitely intrigued to see what Me Like Bees come up with next!


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