Our favourite songs from every Weezer album


Image: Promo

We just can’t get enough of Weezer right now, from the release of their new self-titled studio album, known as the White Album, to their huge UK comeback shows in London and Manchester earlier this month. It’s made us all nostalgic, so we’ve had a look back through every original studio album from the band and picked a favourite song from each. These weren’t easy decisions, but we made it! Check out our choices…

Buddy Holly (Blue Album)

Kicking off with a classic, this early single from Weezer’s debut album is still one of our absolute favourites, even 22 years after its release. C’mon, like you can’t sing along to that chorus!

The Good Life (Pinkerton)

Pinkerton is stuffed full of amazing hits- despite initial criticism of the album when it was first released- but this groovy little number is definitely our pick of the lot.

Hash Pipe (Green Album)

Establishing their place as the kings of stoner rock, the careless lyrics and foggy riff of ‘Hash Pipe’ make this an everlasting fan favourite.

Keep Fishin’ (Maladroit)

If anything, we just love the music video for this one! If watching a socially awkward Rivers Cuomo perform alongside the cast of The Muppets doesn’t make you smile, nothing will!


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