Review: Summer City – Reprobates

summer city reprobates cover

Energetic three-piece Summer City perk up our gloomy April showers with the release of their second EP, Reprobates. With this party record, the York synth-rock trio have managed to pack a whole load of high-octane energy and sonic celebration into just six spritely songs.

Let’s not beat around the bush; this is very much a ‘teenage’ record. The full-throttle synth-pop intro of opening track ‘Signals’ takes us back to the ‘00s, when pop-punk kids often meddled with the art of electronic- think Forever the Sickest Kids– for a blast of dance-fuelled fun. While latest single ‘I’m a Wreck’ somewhat overdoes it, more subtle tracks such as title tune ‘Reprobates’ show that Summer City have the sense to reign it in- sometimes!

We hear the best of both worlds with two particular tracks on the record- ‘There’s Only Chemistry Here’, for example, throws everything at us, with an upbeat, rolling pace, impressive (if sometimes a little pitchy) vocal range, and a pumping dance tempo that boasts a funky, frenetic party atmosphere. In contrast to this, we have ‘Burn It Down’; a more alternative number, this track focuses on a guitar leads and clean vocals that create a smooth, slick pop-punk sound with hardly a hint of electro.

With the exception of final acoustic track ‘Sound of the Crowd’, this record is the encapsulation of our carefree, immature, fun-as-hell teenage house parties and, while it is by no means a groundbreaking piece of musical inspiration, it does make us want to have a little dance around our bedrooms- even though we’re all grown up, we still can’t help ourselves!

Reprobates by Summer City is out now via self-release.


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