Review: Elessar – Reflections

elessar ep cover

Fledgling rock band Elessar were nothing more than a notion not twelve months ago; one year on from their formation and they’re releasing their debut EP Reflections, a record that delivers a wealth of maturity beyond their tender age.

We love an underdog. The feisty spirit that comes only with fresh ambition and the starry-eyed dreams of those who have always been told they can’t do it, or are never going to make it. We especially love it when it has come with young, gutsy British bands over the years, the likes of FVK, We Are The Ocean, Blitz Kids, Go:Audio (remember them?!) and, now, Elessar can be added to that list. They have a larger-than-life sound and bags of energy that translates into a short, sharp, punchy debut.

It doesn’t take much to get into the groove of Elessar- the big, anthemic drive of ‘My Skin’ and the fine line between youthful pop-punk fun and edge rock ’n’ roll bite of ‘Holding Back’ does that for us. Occasionally they take it a bit too easy, with wishy-washy penultimate track ‘Empty Frames’ flying right over our heads. But, in the grand scheme of things, Elessar explode all over this EP, seeming to be an epic, extravagant band of enormous proportions.

Reflections is a fine first effort from Elessar, with refreshing promise of a band that are determined to push themselves to the brink. They certainly talk the talk of an arena rock band; some day we hope they can walk the walk too.

Reflections by Elessar is out now via self-release.


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