Six gateway bands that we love to hate

All of us had our turning point; the moment we changed from sweet, innocent, pop-loving teeny-boppers into angsty pre-teens with attitude defects and embarrassing eyeliner issues. Mine? Mine was when I was about 11 years old and first heard McFly– yes, that cutesy boyband with their acoustic guitars who ended up making a song with Taio Cruz in 2010- and decided that slightly rockier songs about girls with weird colours in their hair was way more relatable to me. That led onto an obsession with pop-punk and being “alternative” (something that I still haven’t quite grown out of to this day).

Everyone who turned to rock, punk, metal or any aspect of the alternative scene surely had their own gateway band, or artist, who barely put little more than their big toe over the line, but that teeny, tiny mark of rebellion was just enough to turn our heads and lure us to the dark side. Sure, we look back now and cringe at how awful most of them were but be honest with yourself- they still have a special place in your heart, right? Check out some of our most loved (and hated) gateway artists- did yours make the list?!

1. Avril Lavigne

avril lavigne

Image: YouTube

She was the poster girl for tween emo angst and, boy, did she do it well! When Avril Lavigne introduced herself, combat pants, heavy eyeliner and skateboard in tow, she showed girls that they didn’t have to dress head to toe in pink and take ballet classes; they could rock a guitar and trash shopping malls in your Converse, and that was okay too. Of course, her message was lost somewhat when she dyed her hair bottle blonde, dressed in a tutu and released the song ‘Girlfriend’ a couple of years later but still…

Gateway song: Sk8er Boi


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