Battle of the Slam Dunk 2016 clashes

slam dunk stage splits

We’ve been having a long, hard look at the recently unveiled Slam Dunk stage times, in particular Slam Dunk South, and we’ve come to the same conclusion as just about everyone else who is heading to one of the three dates this year: there are going to be some serious clashes. If you’re struggling to make up your mind, we’ve picked out some of the festival’s worst clashes and made them battle it out for you. Ding, ding – round one!

New Found Glory vs. Four Year Strong

The old versus the new; part of the classic pop-punk story faces a newer, brasher generation of pop-punk fans in this harsh Slam Dunk clash. There will be those who shrug off New Found Glory as stereotypical old-timers in favour of Four Year Strong, who represent the raw, hardcore pop-punk of today. And, in turn, there will be others who feel like you can’t go wrong with the old favourites and wouldn’t pass up seeing one of the scene’s most staple bands. Then there are the crossover fans, who have likely spanned more than one generation of pop-punk and want to get the best of both nostalgia and present day.

So, who wins?
Four Year Strong

New Found Glory have visited UK on a pretty regular basis on some excellent line-ups over the years, but it’s been bloody ages since we had a whiff of a Four Year Strong tour in our direction. Who knows when the next chance to see one of modern pop-punk’s most exciting bands will pop up again?


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