Tunes of the week

Each week we round up some of the best new music that has been unleashed over the past seven days. This week we’ve got awesome new tracks from some of the best bands around, such as Real Friends, Modern Baseball and Beartooth as well as new music from the likes of fresh blood Monster Treasure, Heel and As Lions. Catch up on all the best new releases from the week- you never know, your new favourite band might be waiting for you!

Mess – Real Friends 

It might be the only one without a video, but this new single from pop-punk band Real Friends is awesome enough on its own.

Emmeline – Death Koolaid

Gothic punk-rockers Death Koolaid might look a little scary and, with new track ‘Emmeline‘ they might sound it too- but we’re sure they’re real sweethearts underneath all that eyeliner.

White Flags – As Lions

Is there any better way to get pumped for a US tour with Five Finger Death Punch than releasing a killer new single? No, probably not.

Wake Up – Monster Treasure

Gearing up for the release of their debut record, Californian beach-rock band Monster Treasure treating us to a brand new single first.

Wedding Singer – Modern Baseball

Our favourite emo band Modern Baseball are back with a new single and an awesome new video that we’re pretty sure stars Scott Pilgrim’s Ramona Flowers…


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