William Control opens own label, Control Records

william control

Image: Official Facebook

William Control– who you might recognise as the goth-electro solo artist and ex-frontman of punk band Aiden– has taken charge of his own creativity by opening up his own label, Control Records, from which he will release music and run his own clothing line.

Never one to bend at the will of others, Control has said that operating his own label from Washington has allowed him to be as creative as he wants without having to ask permission.

William Control is gearing up to release an album via Control Records featuring his live guitarist Kenneth Fletcher, entitled Westchester United Football Club. He will also be running his clothing and merchandise live through the label, which has often featured BDSM-inspired designs in the past.

Speaking of the new venture, Control has said: “I spent a better part of my career naive about how the industry really works. Hunter S. Thompson was right with regards to the music business when he wrote about how thieves and pimps run free and good men would die like dogs. It’s tough to have learned that lesson the hard way. Since my release from Victory nearly five years ago I have slowly taken each part of my career in house, from the art, to the recording process, the promotion and distribution method.¬†Finally, last year I started my own screen-printing shop to cater to my online and touring needs. I decided in the beginning of this year that I needed to buy a place that I can operate out of without the watchful eye of a landlord. Control Records allows me the freedom to be as creative as I want without having to ask anyone permission for anything. Needless to say, I am tremendously excited for what the future will certainly bring.

It looks like congratulations are in order!


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