Review: Forever In Depths – Darkness


Image: Promo

Metalcore was always seen as a predominantly American genre, given that’s where its roots are firmly planted. However, in more recent years we’ve seen a definite shift in popular metal culture, with bands such as Bring Me The Horizon and Asking Alexandria leading the way for new bands taking on that metalcore sound. That explains why Portsmouth band Forever In Depths have nailed it with their latest EP, Darkness.

Storming in with a riotous concoction of riffs, screams and breakdowns, Forever In Depths have managed to whip up quite the whirlwind in just three tracks, creating a chaotic air among the record. With such a short release it does feel like the bedlam within these tracks could have been cleaned up a little; perhaps tidied up, only every now and again, to make for a more sharp and concise EP.

The metalcore sound, however, is something they’ve got down in Darkness. From the heavy EP opener of ‘The Storm’, which flourishes small touches of clean post-hardcore vocals with harsh, full-on metal riffs and raw, throaty screams. We hear more of those smooth male vocals, with a keen high pitch and a velvet ease, in the record’s title track ‘Darkness’; but, fear not, as that softer side is abolished by final track ‘Behind Our Eyes’. It carries the same note of modern metal coarseness as our opener, although it could do with perhaps a slight change of pace just to shake up the general tempo of the record.

Despite this, Darkness is a stellar EP that combines some of the best traits of modern metalcore, showing that yet another British band has accomplished this previously American art-form to help make it our own.


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