Review: Beaumont – Nothing


Image: Promo

Beaumont, the latest Brit alt-rock band from the increasingly fashionable indie city of Birmingham, have accomplished a smart, stylish debut with the release of Nothing. But, of course, when you’ve got the team responsible for bands such as PVRIS and A Loss For Words behind you, what could possibly go wrong?

This midlands five-piece have a distinct sound that fans of British alternative rock will be familiar with; think the upbeat, pop melodies and abrupt accents that come with bands such as Lower Than Atlantis and Don Broco and you’ve got the right idea. From opening track ‘Cheapside’ we catch a glimpse of Beaumont’s contemporaries, with catchy bounces hidden among solid rock riffs. Regardless of its song title, ‘Miserable’ really shows off Beaumont to its best advantage; they are a product of the Birmingham alternative scene, admittedly, but they keep it fun, light and interesting.

Where Nothing really sets itself apart is in its songwriting; the relatable lyrics of ‘Boys and Girls’ sing of, well, boys and girls- people, relationships, sex- that we can all identify with, at least in part. Even without the brilliant boy-next-door lyricism, moments such as the swooping, sing-a-long chorus of ‘Art School’ are enough to draw you in and, before you know it, you’re hooked. Finishing on the chirpy ‘E Street’, Beaumont prove themselves capable of writing the grounded yet exciting, lively, feel-good songs that make up this EP.

This record might sound like something you’ve heard before, but that’s okay- for a first try. Given their high energy, intelligent song-writing and huge potential, we expect even bigger, better and brighter things from Beaumont’s future.

Nothing by Beaumont is out now via Reclaim Music.


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