These guys are going it alone – and doing a great job!

Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack has now fully undergone his latest transformation into the dark, brooding Andy Black with the release of his debut album under the solo guise, The Shadow Side. And he’s not the only one- numerous frontmen and women have taken a break from their front-of-house roles to go it alone, shaping sometimes successful but always interesting solo projects where they’re the only stars of the show.

We’ve got five band members who might be best known for being the leading men and women of their big-name groups, but have at one point or another gone onto have some pretty cool solo careers of their own making.

1. Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell

dan soupy campbell

Image: Promo

Dan Campbell– better known to fans by his nickname, Soupy– makes up the final part of pop-punk band The Wonder Years as the group’s vocalist and chief songwriter. The band’s emo-tainted lyrics, hardcore pop-punk riffs, along with Campbell’s own straight edge lifestyle, has attracted many fans since their inception, way back in 2005. But these days things might be a little quiet for The Wonder Years, and that’s because their frontman has a new project. Say hello to Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties, Campbell’s own solo project that is set for a full release on 8th July with debut album We Don’t Have Each Other. We’re still holding our breath for a single, but you can check out an introduction video below:

2. Cassadee Pope

cassadee pope

Image: Official Facebook

Unlike some others on our list, singer Cassadee Pope has actually garnered far more attention since her solo career took off than her time in Hey Monday probably ever did. For those of you who are too young to remember (and those who need their memories refreshed…), Hey Monday saw mild fame with singles such as ‘How You Love Me Now’, ‘Candles’ and ‘Homecoming’ back in ’08-’09, but failed to really whip up much excitement outside of that. However, lead singer Cassadee came out on top after the band’s break-up- sorry, ‘hiatus’– with a stint on the third series of America’s The Voice in 2012, which she ended up winning. She became a nationwide sweetheart, venturing into country music and leaving her wild pop-punk days far, far behind her.

3. Danny Worsnop

danny worsnop

Image: Official Facebook

Danny Worsnop first became a name we heard of as the controversial frontman of British metalcore band Asking Alexandria. However, when him and the band parted ways he didn’t make the move alone at first; instead, he created We Are Harlot, a heavy, downright dirty rock ’n’ roll band, who released their debut album last year. But after only a couple of years, Worsnop has already moved onto new things, with a brand new solo project all on his own. We’ve heard the new single ‘I Got Bones’ and it looks like we can expect a new breed of country-core from the album The Prozac Sessions, which is due for release on an unscheduled date later this year.

4. Jonny Craig

jonny craig

Image: Official Facebook

Jonny Craig is probably someone you’re familiar with if you were ever a fan of Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance, Slaves, or any of the above, seeing as he has fronted all of them at some point during his hectic career. It’s hardly surprising, given his impressive vocal range and distinct tone, that he’s dipped his toe in so many different bands, genres and styles; but he’s also no stranger to doing things on his own terms, hence the various solo side projects he’s taken on in his time. The first album from Craig was released in 2009, followed by the fan-funded, independent release of 2013’s EP Find What You Love and Let It Kill You. Despite a heartfelt letter to fans just last month admitting his problems with addiction, he also announced he is fighting his issues with a new solo tour across the US later this year. Good for you, Jonny.

5. Lacey Sturm

lacey sturm 2

Image: Official Facebook

Remember Flyleaf? Yeah, they were pretty cool for a while, weren’t they? A post-hardcore band with a kick-ass frontwoman who could reach notes her male counterparts could only dream of was something special when Flyleaf first hit the scene back in the early ‘00s. The attraction faded fast, as was typical in the height of fad-music culture, and Flyleaf eventually broke up a few years’ back. But towards the end of last year, the name Lacey Sturm resurfaced; this time, on the brink of a brand new solo career. The new single ‘Impossible’ broke back in November, with Lacey showing that just because she’s going alone doesn’t mean she’s going soft, and that continues into her debut album Life Screams, released in February. We’re not sure where Lacey is off to next, but it looks like making more music is definitely still on the cards.


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