If Marvel superheroes had their own pop-punk soundtracks…

Marvel has produced some of our favourite ever on-screen superheroes, with this past year alone featuring the long-awaited introduction of Deadpool and an epic new chapter in the Captain America story, as well as having a whole lot more in the pipelines. But we think there’s something missing from these movies… Maybe a little pop-punk? We’ve reimagined some of our best-loved Marvel characters with their very own pop-punk soundtracks, and we think Marvel could learn a thing or two from them!



Image: Marvel / Promo

Our new favourite Marvel character (sorry, other guys), thanks to its x-rated status and Ryan Reynolds’ stellar on-screen performance, is first in line to deserve his very own soundtrack. Okay, so the movie covered the music front pretty well- because who doesn’t want to see ultra-violent choreography played out to Juice Newton’s ‘Angel of the Morning’?!- but we reckon there’s definitely room for some pop-punk in there somewhere. But, in Deadpool style, it’s got to have tongue-in-cheek humour and a hint of vengeance behind it; in fact, we think Paramore could do the trick, with their fun, cheeky lyrics, occasional snide, bitchy comments and Hayley Williams’ undeniable sass. It’s Deadpool in a nutshell.

hayley williams gif

Image: Tumblr


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