ROAM get robbed; help them out!


Image: Official Facebook

British pop-punk band ROAM have been reportedly gassed and robbed in France whilst out on tour with Simple Plan. It’s the second time the band has been robbed in the space of just a few weeks.

According to ROAM, their van was broken into while they slept inside, resulting in both personal and band money being stolen during the night. The band have said: “Police think we were gassed so we were essentially knocked out so they could fiddle the lock and get inside.”

Their passports were stolen in another unrelated incident just a few weeks ago.

It really sucks to hear that a band who are working hard to get their music heard and reach fans that might not be able to see them live otherwise have been taken advantage of in this way. We all know the music industry is a tough place to be and, sometimes, literally every penny counts, so when the only source of food, drink, transport, etc. out on the road is stolen it can put bands right back to square one; especially bands such as ROAM, who are only just starting to make a name for themselves.

But you can help out! Head over to the band’s merch store to pick up some awesome t-shirts, check out their events page to see if you can grab a ticket to a show near you, or head over to iTunes and download their latest album. Every penny counts, remember!


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