13 tracks from 2011 that we still love today!

Can you believe the year the world (sadly) lost soul singer Amy Winehouse and (even more sadly) gained One Direction’s debut album was five years ago?! Looking back, 2011 already seems like a lifetime away and the face of the music industry has changed so much in five short years, but some songs from that year still stand out like they were released yesterday. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we remember a few favourite tracks from five years ago that still rock today!

Bite My Tongue – You Me At Six ft. Oli Sykes

Released: December 2011

Album: Sinners Never Sleep

Jump into the Fog – The Wombats

Released: January 2011

Album: This Modern Glitch

Don’t Shut ‘Em Down – Flogging Molly

Released: February 2011

Album: Speed of Darkness

You Are a Tourist – Death Cab For Cutie

Released: March 2011

Album: Codes and Keys


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