Tunes of the week

We’re rounding up the latest new music from the past week and, man, what a week it’s been! In the last seven days we’ve heard killer new releases from some familiar faces, the likes of Good Charlotte, Say Anything and Issues, not to mention some amazing new music for you to check out, including Solids, Muskets and Relic Hearts. Go ahead and check out our favourite picks!

Life Changes – Good Charlotte

Looks like their comeback wasn’t just a phase as Good Charlotte release more new music, and this latest track sounds, well, exactly like Good Charlotte!

Wait It Out – Solids

If you’re looking for some perfectly chilled out alt-rock, then Solids have hit the nail right on the head with their new session video.

The Great Divide – As Daylight Fades

Fierce, furious and full of fight, it turns out the new track from As Daylight Fades is just as deliciously heavy as we hoped it would be!

Give a Damn – Say Anything

Say Anything are taking on something heavier than their usual upbeat, pop-punk melodies with the aggressive new video to match their latest track.

Drowsy – Muskets

Remember Peep Show’s lovable drug addict Super Hans? Well he’s popped up to join Muskets in the video for their new alt-rock slow burner.


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