Lest we forget: the emo era

dashboard confessional

Image: Official Facebook

Emo fans, now is the time to rejoice; the adorable Dashboard Confessional have released a brand new song and, after a hell of a long wait, we can finally listen to new material from our favourite melancholic sweethearts. Chris Carrabba hasn’t confirmed whether new single ‘May’ is the start of more new material from the band, but it’s enough to make us happy for now.

In celebration of this long-awaited occasion, we thought it right to take a moment and nod towards some of the best bands from Dashboard Confessional’s heyday, the ‘00s emo era.

The Get Up Kids

Something to Write Home About was the emo album, and it made The Get Up Kids the emo band. Despite moving onto heavier pastures since, it’s impossible to ignore the impact that this band made on the music industry when they released the record way back in 1999; in fact, it single-handedly turned Vagrant Records into one of the biggest independent labels of the time and popularised the entire genre (something which they may have later regretted).


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