Three local bands from the South East you should check out

We headed down to the New Cross Inn in, well, New Cross this Saturday to check out an all-dayer we’d heard was happening via some local word-of-mouth. The whole day was centred around an album launch, the release of the latest full-length from punk rock band DROPTHIS, Culture to Criticise, which you can check out here.

The bill boasted over ten bands throughout the day, all of which are part of the area’s thriving underground scene and clearly know each other well enough to create a relaxed, cool, mate-y vibe in this dark, bustling venue. We stuck around to watch as many bands as possible, finding ourselves sucked into this tight-knit group of loyal punk locals, and actually discovered that not only were the headline band pretty killer, but that there are actually a few bands on the line-up well worth checking out if you’re from the south east. If you’re into punk music (like us!) then here are just three bands we discovered during the day who you might not know are right on your doorstep!

The Pisdicables 


Image: Official Facebook

So this is one for all you ska-punk fans who might be getting a little bored with listening to the big-name bands re-release the same songs on new albums for the past 15 years and are more than up to listen to something new. The Pisdicables hit up the stage pretty early in the afternoon, but that didn’t stop people partying to their set. They gave a super fun tone to an event that was pretty heavy on the hardcore, cut-throat punk rock, serving up a side of bouncy, amusing ska to lighten up the day.

You can find out more about The Pisdicables here.


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