Where: Bloc Bar, Camden
When: 04/06/16


Image: Drop This / Jasmine Marceau

Pop-rock band Vukovi are one of our favourite bands at the moment, so obviously we were going to catch their set at Camden Rocks!

Bloc Bar is full and is only gets fuller with every passing minute. The band gets right into it with their impressive, punchy melodies and frontwoman Janine Shilstone’s vocals soar beyond the venue, vibrating into the street, probably stopping a car or two.

The band’s infectious, lively set is met with head bobbing and applause from the satisfied crowd, and there’s no doubt that Vukovi is a fun and exciting band to watch.

Their energetic, fierce alt-rock melodies are met with striking, passionate vocals from the charismatic Janine Shilstone. From their brilliant rendition of The 1975’s ‘Love Me’ to their newest track ‘Animal’, Shilstone’s vocals are highly versatile. Though her voice sounds amazing against the forceful alt-rock melodies the band creates, her vocals sound almost perfect for indie/dream pop. This combination of beautiful, dream-like vocals with violent, alt-rock melodies might explain why the band is so uniquely fascinating.


Image: Drop This / Jasmine Marceau

Frontwoman Janine Shilstone is a dream to watch on stage. She gives off a very Hayley Williams vibe, and no, not because she is a female but because, like Hayley, she has an undeniable, unexplainable spark and that makes you want to watch her, listen to her, and ultimately become her best friend and drink with her. Is it her passion for music or just the cool vibe that she gives off? Fuck knows. We just really dig it.

Tonight we got a small glimpse of what Vukovi can do, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We’re just excited to more.


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