Where: The Underworld, Camden
When: 04/06/16
Rating: 5/5


Image: Drop This / Jasmine Marceau

London quintet Zoax were pegged as a Camden Rocks favourite from the get go, and after the jam-packed state of the Underworld tonight, we definitely don’t disagree. The room is almost at its capacity, but people are still piling in one by one, two by two, to see these earth-shattering rockers do their thing.

The band takes the stage and frontman Adam Carroll calmly asks the crowd if they are going to move, “because you know what’s going to happen if you don’t move”. Honestly, we don’t, but from the look in his eyes, we definitely don’t want to find out. Luckily movement occurs as soon as the band breaks into their first song. The crowd is headbanging and screaming along to their aggressive (and unbelievably catchy) tunes, which only energises the band more, making their already powerful and enthralling set all the more fascinating to watch.


Image: Drop This / Jasmine Marceau

There’s no way you can be still at a Zoax show! The only thing that doesn’t move is your eyes, which stay glued to the stage and all Zoax’s intense, melodious glory! Each song is met with jumping, singing and huge applause—even the stirring, slow track ‘The Wave’, which really highlights just how beautiful and mesmerising Adam Carroll’s vocals are. And proves that absolutely no-one knows what the hell kind of music these guys are playing, but we all fucking love it!

During Zoax’s loud, animated performance, the intense, commanding frontman decides to get into the crowd and scream in some fan’s faces. What a non-traditional kind of meet and greet. Bloody brilliant. The band end their set with the massive, forceful ‘The Bad Blood’ and a loud sing-a-long ensues.

Zoax admirer? Zoax hater? It doesn’t matter, once you’ve seen them live you are hooked. A truly captivating and hypnotic band to watch.


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