REVEIW: NIGHT OWLS – Informaldehyde

night owls ep

Image: Album artwork

Although we don’t stay teenagers forever (which may or may not be a bad thing!) there’s one thing which all of us have those awkward and unsettling years to thank for- the right to feel as damn-right angsty as we like! If you’re anything like me, the perfect way to sum that time in my life is grunge and, no matter how much you try and escape that stereotype, we are still those same dirty little grungers at heart, and we love it! Cue NIGHT OWLS, a Leeds based Grunge duo and there debut EP Informaldehyde.

Right from the off, this short but sweet EP has all the attributes we’d want from a band of this genre. That biting, chainsaw guitar tone, harsh snarling vocals and hypnotic pounding drums. All of these components can be heard in the opening track ‘Gilded Lily’. It may only just get across the two minute mark, but it perfectly introduces this EP.

We then gently transcend into the middle two tracks of this EP, the first of that duo being ‘She’ which picks up from where the opening track left off with a hypnotic drum beat and a contrasting chorus, which places a somewhat uplifting riff under slightly pessimistic lyric, which characterises this band’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek approach. The next track ‘Why Me’ has lighter hearted feel and is in some ways the almost pop track of the EP.

It’s nicely rounded off with ‘Call Me Out’, which the band recently recorded a video for. It kicks off with punchy riff that sucks you straight in and with a big catchy chorus leaving you wanting more. Overall this is strong start from a band making their way though a busy scene.

Informaldehyde by NIGHT OWLS is released on the 10th June via Till Deaf Do Us Party


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